A Celebration of Food ~ Fall Flavours Festival

Every September, Prince Edward Island puts on a month long Fall Flavours Festival showcasing a variety of acclaimed guest chefs hosting a wide range of unique culinary experiences. Over the years Chef Mark McEwan and his team have taken part in the Beef Festival, the Shellfish festival, Applelicious and much more. This year Mark McEwan took part in a lively Lamb Luau culinary party and a Great Big BBQ feast.

The first event took place on Sunday, September 20th at Rodd Crowbush Golf & Beach Resort. Guests enjoyed an afternoon of flavours and fun with Chef Mark McEwan, local chef Peter Angus and chefs & students from the Culinary Institute of Canada. The menu featured locally grown lamb prepared in a variety of dishes.


The upbeat sounds of The Count and the Cuban Cocktail, a local PEI band that had everyone dancing!

The second event took place on Saturday, October 3rd at Delta Prince Edward. Chef Mark McEwan and Corporate Executive Chef Andrew Ellerby wowed guests with local PEI favourites from potatoes and aged beef, to fresh mussels, clams, oysters and lobsters. The barbecue feast was completed with PEI’s finest craft beers and wines.


Take a peek at the gallery for a closer look at the Lamb Luau party and the Great Big BBQ feast.

[Photos courtesy of Fall Flavours Festival]

Italian Spiced Peach Trifle

Layers of Italian lady-finger biscuits, preserves, fresh peaches and white chocolate yogurt makes for an enticing culinary indulgence that is perfect for sharing. By adding velvety, sweet yogurt, soaked into delicate biscuits, you will turn an ordinary trifle into a luscious dessert with the right amount of intensity!

McEwan_McEwan's Own Italian Peach_ShopsAtDonMills

1 Jar of McEwan’s Own Italian Peach Preserves
1 Package of Saviorie Italian Lady Finger biscuits
1 Peach
1 Container of Liberte Greek Yougurt White Chocolate
1 Container of McEwan’s Own shelled pistachios
1 Can of whipped cream

Open jar of McEwan’s Own Italian Peach Preserves, drain liquid and spices from peaches. Remove peach flesh from the pits and set aside.

Using a food processor, pulse the peaches until spreadable or desired texture is achieved.

Cut Saviorie biscuits to the size of the dish you are using (if necessary) and place on the bottom of dish.

Peel and dice ½ of the peach into tiny bit size pieces, set aside. Keep the other half for garnish.

In this order spoon layers on top of the biscuits: Peach liquid*, yogurt, fresh peach pieces.


Add a second layer of biscuits and repeat the layering process until the top of the dish is reached.

Cover dishes and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Crush pistachios, enough to garnish the dish.

When ready to serve, top dish with whipped cream, crushed pistachio and a peach slice.

Serve immediately.

Tip ~ The leftover peach preserve liquid makes for a delicious ice cream topping!

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