George Bachoumis: Hand-picked for McEwan Grocery


When Mark set out to elevate the grocery shopping experience, a close friend recommended George Bachoumis to manage the operation. It didn’t take long for Mark to make it official.

“As soon as I met with George I knew he was a perfect fit for the position. He’s evolved the store into a well oiled machine.”  Mark McEwan

25 Years of Prep

George got his start in the grocery business when specialty stores were just starting to trend. He knew that’s where he wanted to be, and so intentionally worked for a number of stores to learn how each one approached things. Over time, he developed his own style and we love where he’s netted out.

Curious George

George said that finding unique products with great stories is the best part of his job. That’s why everyone who wants shelf space is asked the same question: what makes you different?

It’s also why some of his favourite customers are travellers looking for that something they tried on the road, and hosts looking for that something to wow their guests with. These are people who make their own stories, and George is only too happy to be a part of them. When you work with Mark McEwan, you learn a thing or two about creating stories with food.

George, Mark and Eric

[Left to right] George Bachoumis, Mark McEwan and Eric McEwan

The Corner of Up and Downtown

While being at the Shops At Don Mills makes it easy for people from both ends of the city to visit, the McEwan Grocery still very much a destination. It’s a commitment to come here and George likes it like that.

“People are more likely to be more adventurous once they’re here” he says.  That’s how stories get written.