How do you say brunch in Italian?

Italy doesn’t have much of a brunching culture. It’s kind of hard to work it in when lunch starts around 11:30 and lasts right through to after-dinner drinks. So when the team at Fabbrica (our flagship Italian restaurant) decided to start working on a brunch menu, they got a chance to step outside their wheelhouse a bit.

The lemon ricotta pancakes promise to be a top seller – the citrus flavours mixed with preserved blueberry alone is worth the trip to Don Mills and Lawrence.

A few other hopefuls for us are the eggs benny (its not brunch without the Ben) and the Eggs all’ Inforno, aka Eggs in Hell. The Calabrian chili is a small homage to the old country, with a pretty sizable kick.

The Sloppy Giuseppe made the cut, of course; and rightfully so. It’s poached egg, caramelized onion, Fabbrica meatballs and potato on a toasted focaccia; and perfect for soaking up the party from the night before.

Speaking of parties, no brunch is complete without cocktails and our in-house mixologist had a lot of fun pairing libations with the menu.

There’s a bacon and egg Caesar already gaining a reputation. The glass is rimmed with bacon for a different kind of salt, and the ingredients are pickled in-house, including the quail eggs.

There’s also a Bloody Maria (yup, we went there) featuring local peppers from Bumpercrop, pickled in Ontario cider vinegar and spiked Oakville’s Cameron’s Auburn Ale.

But the signature cocktail is a barrel-aged negroni. It’s aged using the Antica Formula Carpano vermouth — the very best in our opinion — and done right by the bar where everyone can see it.

The orange ice sphere that comes with the negroni is a perfect touch, but don’t take our word for it. Book yourself a table and come see what authentic Italian brunching feels like; you know…if they did that sort of thing.

Watch our bartender, Bradley Pacheco prepare the Bloody Maria.

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