#McEwanAllAccess 2.0 Wrap-Up


The second instalment of #McEwanAllAccess is proof Mark Mcewan wants to get to know you.  Mark’s team set out again, solely on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to source a select group that would enjoy a rare evening with Chef McEwan and further explore the night’s theme, Italian cuisine.



The guests, hosted at Fabbrica, were delighted to be up close & personal with Mark. And, in unique fashion, Mark answered questions from his fans and followers on Twitter which were centered around one of our favourite tweets captured by @StephenDaCambra:

@StephenDaCambra  “The Italian kitchen will fool you with how simple it is.” @Chef_McEwan #McEwanAllAccess @inyourmouthTO

Of course he also spent time with every guest in the beautiful Fabbrica lounge over some lovely wines and fan favourite dishes like the insanely simple margherita pizza, short rib stuffed arancini and duck bresola.


Guests raved and reciprocated on Twitter & Instagram:


@YYZGourmand The inspiration for my salami room is my friends in Woodbridge – @Chef_MarkMcEwan #McEwanAllAccess     

@HotTorontoDeals At Fabbrica’s #McEwanAllAccess with Mark sharing his insights and very personable. Thanks @Chef_MarkMcEwan. #toronto

@YYZGourmand  Tonight, I high fived @Chef_MarkMcEwan for still being happily married and being so proud of his kids. Food and fun! #McEwanAllAccess

@sexyfoodtherapy  Big thx to @Chef_MarkMcEwan for a wonderful eve for the #mcewanallaccess. Psssst Godfather II still trumps Godfather I

@brian_woodland  With @Chef_MarkMcEwan of @themcewangroup #McEwanAllAccess such a sincere, amazing guy. And the food. Wow.

This round of #McEwanAllAccess also provided each guest with a copy of the newly rebranded Rustic Italian cookbook. Of course, Mark signed each one, offering some valuable one on one time.


It was a unique experience, with an approachable and laid back Mark who reminds us that many dishes, especially with Italian should be about simplicity, expressed through the quality of ingredients.

Find out more details through the #McEwanAllAccess hashtag and let us know if #McEwanAllAccess 3.0 would be of interest and we will ask him.

[Photo credit: Jeffrey Chan]