OTG3 & Me

Being Mark McEwan’s Executive Assistant, I catch a lot of flack for my diet (Taco Bell Tuesday, Mr. Sub Wednesday, McDonald’s Saturday, etc…). But it’s not like Mark cooks lunch for the office everyday — I pick up what I can on the run and flop on the couch at night while the bin under the sink fills with takeout bags.

Here’s the thing, though: I love the idea of being healthy. I just hate how hard it is to fit into my routine. I’ve tried everything — I even volunteered to be the company guinea pig for Eating Pretty, testing all their new plans and products. It was great for a while, but after a long and very busy winter (and the body jiggles to prove it) I needed something to kickstart my metabolism.

I went with the OTG3 nutritional cleanse program, which I was initially drawn to by their promise of nourishment without deprivation.


The juices arrived arrived at my office in their very own cooler bag with a guide to lead me through the cleanse, a daily workout routine, and a week of post-cleanse meals to ease my body back into reality.


There are four fresh, easy-to-drink juices in the package: Lemonade (organic lemons, cayenne pepper and agave), Greens (cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine, parsley, kale, apple and mint), Acai Berry (acai berries, wheatgrass, blueberries, apple, pineapple and mint) and Cashew Milk (cashew, vanilla bean and agave).

The package also comes with a drinking order to get the most from the experience, a pH testing kit to see your ‘pre’ and ‘post’ pH levels, and expiration instructions: drink within a week to benefit most from the enzymes and nutrients. 


I won’t lie, OTG3 is NOT for people who lack strength in the “will-power” department.

  • Day #1 was a breeze until I sat down to watch Top Chef Canada and, of course, the quickfire was a pizza challenge. My stomach gurgled and I yearned for garlic dipping sauce, but I made it through.


  • On Day #2, I woke up feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. I had a great night’s sleep and the pangs of hunger from the evening before had dissipated. I had a bunch of meetings and a seminar to go to and I felt great about carrying my juices with me everywhere instead of a bag of chips or an overly sugared coffee drink. Then came time for me to head home. I needed something to keep my mind busy but all that was running through my head was “no one will know if I make myself some pasta right now or scoot over to Bar Burrito!”. With the help of laundry and a few other chores I powered through!


  • By Day #3 it was almost felt like I had forgotten what chewing felt like.  But I had to push through because I had already noticed the change in my energy levels and in the mirror. My body was clearly thanking me.


All in all the experience was great! I found the daily meal planner valuable and I’ve been loving some of their easy-to-prep, post-cleanse meals. I can see myself using the OTG3 program every six months or so, to give my body the boost it needs. And while I can’t say that I’ll cut out fast-food entirely, I’ll try really hard to save it for “special” occasions and continue caring about what I put in my body.

You can purchase the OTG3 juices from McEwan in the Shops at Don Mills or online at www.OTG3.com!

Written by Jordie McTavish. Tweet her @JordieMcTavish.