Supporting Local Eats at McEwan’s Farmers Market


If you’re a regular farmers market shopper, you know how exciting it can be to stumble upon unique entrepreneurs and their products, while supporting our local food economy.  But wouldn’t it be nice to experience the discovery of exploring a grassroots local market while in the comfort of your favourite luxury grocery store?


Well, at McEwan’s Farmers Market you absolutely can! Each week, Eric McEwan, son to Chef Mark McEwan, searches the local food scene using popular social media apps like Instagram to uncover unique, innovative and healthy local food products. 

By Saturday, these products and the passionate people behind them, get to set up in the store to sample and sell their delicious wares to you! The most popular products get a permanent place on store shelves. 


General Manager, George Bachoumis described the process to me, stating “We believe in giving everyone a chance. It’s a great entertaining atmosphere in the store and our customers love the experience of showing their support to local producers.” 

It’s also your chance to work with the staff at McEwan to get your say on what’s sold in store, and as a result, what goes into your family’s mouths. The market is just one more way that McEwan demonstrates their commitment to putting its customers first.

So if you want to support local business, have your say on the next hot inductee into the McEwan’s store, and of course, load up on tasty food samples (because who doesn’t like free snacks?), then be sure to stop by the McEwan Farmers Market for your local food fix!