What’s (NEW) for Dinner at Fabbrica

As seasons change, so do menus, especially when you source local produce like we do. For fall 2013, we’ve added 18 fresh items to our already-acclaimed dinner line-up. It’s not an easy process because when one’s added, often times another has to be ‘retired’.

“It’s a lot like a break-up” says Chef de Cuisine Rob LeClair. “But you somehow find the strength to carry on and before you know it you’re in love with another dish”.

Each of the seven sections on the dinner menu (apps, salads, pizza, pasta, seafood, meat and sides) feature at least one new recipe; with the seafood selection being almost completely revamped. It’s highlighted by a trout dish we’re extremely proud of. The fish comes from the Goossens Trout Farm in Otterville, Ontario, an Oceanwise registered aquaculture producer whose sustainable practices we’ve admired for some time. As for the meal itself, it’s healthy and so tasty!


Another one of our favourites is the new bone marrow risotto. Unlike other risottos that are served in a bowl, this traditional dish is plated to keep the texture and tastes consistent as you enjoy it.


Whichever of the new dinner dishes you order, be sure to add a side of the new wood oven roasted cauliflower. “Cauliflower was once considered the red-headed step-child of the garden” laughs LeClair, “but low-carb dieters are turning to it as a stand-in for mashed potatoes”.  And with Ontario cauliflower at its peak for the next while, now’s the perfect time to give it a go.


Here’s a peak from the kitchen where it all starts to the testing and sampling sessions with the front of house.  We even have a Fabbricabulary for our staff.

Book your dinner reservation at Fabbrica and check out our new selections. Even if you’ve been here before, it’d be like coming back for the first time.