McEwan Makes Back to School Lunches Easy as 1-2-3

It’s that time again- the kids go back to school, you go back to work, and you’re stuck stressing over the seemingly mundane question of what to pack for lunch. If you’re like millions of Canadian families who have one or more picky eaters on their hands, sometimes meal planning can leave you feeling a bit like a short order cook.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pack a meal that satisfied both the food-loving adults and picky kiddies in your family and do it without sacrificing time or nutrition? Well, just a quick glimpse at McEwan’s extensive selection of prepared foods and you’ve got lunch planned for the week. Here are some of our favourite quick and healthy lunch ideas that the whole family will love!

Deli Staple: Pick up a Boulart Demi Multigrain loaf, slice it in half lengthwise and then cut into appropriate sandwich sizes. Adults can aim for about 6 “, while kids will likely be happy with 3”. Pile on a few thin slices of McEwan’s house roasted MCO Turkey Breast, and serve it with a little container of McEwan’s vinaigrette Coleslaw for a low fat lunch.  Better yet our Ham & Cheese Finger Sandwiches are hit with kids!


A Greek Feast: Pick up a container of the McEwan’s Chicken Souvlaki Salad, giving about a third to your little one, and packing the rest up for you.  Serve each lunch with one of McEwan’s varieties of Hummus, a few pieces of whole grain pita bread, and lots of cut up veggies for dipping.


Asian Invasion: Pick up some brown rice vegetarian sushi and edamame from McEwan’s sushi counter, and split them amongst family members according to age, size and appetite. Serve with small containers of McEwan’s Asian Noodle Salad or Edamame Tomato Salad from the counter.



Mexican Fiesta: Warm up some of McEwan’s high fibre Black Bean Soup and pack it into family members’ thermoses. Serve with a container of McEwan’s Veggie Empanadas with Mango Salsa.


Comfort Classic: Pick up a package of McEwan’s Tuna Salad, and a whole grain wrap. Spread a thin layer of salad onto a wrap, roll it up, and then slice it into ½” pinwheels for the little ones. For yourself, take that same Tuna salad, toss in a handful of diced celery, apple, grapes and a few walnuts, and throw on top of McEwan’s Kale Salad & Orange Balsamic Dressing for a speedy Waldorf salad.


There you go- a week of super simple, healthy, family-friendly meals ready to be packed into backpacks and briefcases,.  And that’s just to start! McEwan is always adding new delicious and healthy items to their extensive prepared food section so that you and your family will never get bored. So stop worrying about what to feed your family, and instead, spend that time with them- with the help of McEwan’s prepared food section, meal planning has become easier than 1-2-3.