From Bucket to Bouquet: A Trip to the Market

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz (not really), wonder where the flowers is?


The prolonged winter has had an effect on more than just your vitamin D intake, just take a look at the gardens in your neighbourhood. By this time each spring McEwan Floral would be welcoming the local tulips (farmed outside of the greenhouses) and peonies into the shop. This year however, local floral and fawna are a little more difficult to come by.


_DSC0491McEwan Floral’s manager, Rachel Sherlock is always in contact with her connections in the Terminal to stay on top of the best imported selection. Each week, Rachel heads to Hoffland in the west end to spend time with her rep, Nikki to keep tabs on the ever evolving variety of available stems. Much like the restaurants in The McEwan Group, McEwan Floral strives to source the highest quality, seasonal and unique flowers to brighten the homes, restaurants and hotels across the city.


With notebook in hand full of the week’s worth of orders, Rachel scours the aisles in the fridges at Hoffland for inspiration. Almost always pulling from the largest and most statement impacting pieces Rachel’s vision trickles down to the most minute details. After working with Nikki for years, the two women are in constant contact throughout the week so that Nikki can pre-pull items that will be of interest Rachel and that will compliment McEwan Floral’s design style.


At the end of the visit, the women load up the McEwan purple truck and Rachel heads back to the store in the Shops at Don Mills to begin building the masterpieces needed to fulfill her orders.

_DSC0726 _DSC0762 _DSC0769

Throughout the week there will be many more deliveries to keep up with the demand of the everyday shoppers at the store. From bouquets to cocktail arrangements, dinner party centerpieces, weddings and grand scale pieces at The Hazelton Hotel and The McEwan Group restaurants, even if the sun isn’t shining there is never a dull day in the McEwan Floral department.