Cocktail Deeva & Bourbon at #LiquidLab

Dee Brun from Cocktail Deeva hosted our first #LiquidLab series last month for 6 invited media guests. Below is an excerpt from her post.  Cheers!


[FROM LEFT TO RIGHT] Nadine Anglin, Zoomer Magazine – Alexandra McEvers, Toronto Financial District BIA – Zach Bussey, Zack Bussey Show – Matt Bryan, Mixologist – Dee Brun, Cocktail Deeva – Andrea Chui, Food Blogger – Andrew Dobson, dobbernationLOVES


I love Toronto…I love the vibe, the people and yes…the views.

Toronto has some great ones…

One of my FAVES is from the patio at Bymark right in the heart of the city…you get a view of Toronto’s Mountains..


I had the pleasure this night of hosting a fab new event that ByMark will be hosting starting in the fall called Liquid Lab. 

This is Matt… Matt is one part of a partnership duo that create the cocktail list for all the restaurants in The McEwan Group, catering to the trends and traditions of classic and contemporary cocktails.


Matt…for a lack of a better word is FABOOSH. He is the mixologist that runs Liquid Lab, he is a virtual wikipedia of cocktail info. On this night we were paying homage to Bourbon. Matt’s bourbon of choice for the evening, Bulliet Bourbon. Matt gave us all Bourbon 101 all the while creating fabulous cocktails such as this…


1 oz Bourbon

1 oz Campari 

1 oz Sweet vermouth

- add all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir

- strain in a coupe glass, garnish w/ orange zest

But better than the cocktail…was the history lesson we received from Matt both on bourbon and this drink as we watched him prepare it…

Did you know that in order for a drink to be called bourbon, it can’t have any flavor or color additives. Only corn, water, wheat or rye, malt, and the coloring effects of the inside of a charred oak barrel. ….Nope? Me either, but Matt did.

Then it was our turn…Another fab thing about Liquid Lab events, they are HANDS ON…you get to make your very own cocktail master piece…Truly a perfect date night as the event is under two hours long…you still have time for some fun in the city afterwards…or enjoy the great outdoors on their patio…my version of camping…

We went old school at this Liquid Lab and made an Old Fashioned…the right way…



I would be remiss if I did not talk about the AMAZING food that goes along with the Liquid Lab event… YES..FAB FOOD AND COCKTAILS…guess who is hoping to get invited back to host another one…

This was my plate..yes all of it…and again…I ate the whole thing…SO FABOOSH…


2 Mini Burgers Topped with Onion Rings

4 Quail Deviled Eggs

2 Jumbo Grilled Shrimp

All the food that was prepared for the event was done so to play off the flavours of the cocktails…Much like you pair wine with food, here it was the cocktails..and it was amazing!

Had to share the scope of how tiny, BUT SO FLAVOURFUL the quail eggs were…I had never had anything like them and I can’t stop thinking about them…


Be sure to follow The McEwan Group on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss the next Liquid Lab series coming up this fall…This is an event not to be missed, a great night out in the heart of Toronto…Who knows…maybe I will see you there…


For more recipes and to read the full post visit Dee at or follow her on Twitter.

Written by

Dee brun, RD

OWNER, Cocktail Deeva