A Minute or Two with One Restaurant’s Tim Salmon



“Working for a celebrity chef brings a very unique clientele with high expectations.” That’s how Tim Salmon, General Manager at One Restaurant, sums up his experience with Mark so far.

Of course, the unique clientele he talks about has its fair share of celebrities too. As the grand poobah of Yorkville’s premiere patio, Tim’s been playing host to the biggest names in film, sport, music and politics since 2007.

As for the expectations, those come straight from Mark and filter down through Tim into everyone who works at One. He attributes his relatively easy relationship with Chefs Matt Beasley and Andrew Ellerby to the exceptionally high standards everyone on the McEwan team are introduced to on day one. The servers are no different; and Tim looks for a very specific kind of person. They have to be mature enough to wait on well-known guests without losing their minds, and experienced enough to deal with a very busy dining room.

Of course, it’s not just the restaurant that Tim is Western union money order responsible for. As the Hazelton Hotel’s feature restaurant, room service is also on his menu. He does a lot of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries for the upstairs crowd, which he never tires of because, well,  “there’s nothing wrong with a little love”.

For a spot on the patio or in the Yabu Pushelberg dining room (one of the most well put together in town), click here or call 416.961.9600.


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  1. The McEwan floral department is truly outstanding. I have purchased some magnificant arrangements from Dianne in the last few months that have left family and friends speechless. Keep up the great work!

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