Bymark #LiquidLab Series


Nothing sets the tone for a successful dinner party like a signature cocktail when your guests arrive. But to get creative with your liquor cabinet, you’ve first got to get the basics of mixology down; and where better to learn than at one of Toronto’s most famous after-work drinking spots?

Bymark’s #LiquidLab is a series of evenings hosted by Matt Bryan, bartender extraordinaire hand-picked by Mark McEwan to keep Bay Street’s collective glass full. Matt is one part of a partnership duo that create the cocktail list for all the restaurants in The McEwan Group, catering to the trends and traditions of classic and contemporary cocktails.


Starting with a different bottle each time, you’ll learn what makes a particular libation special, what flavours go best with it and how to think beyond the basics.


The once a month series includes evenings dedicated to:

July 13.2013 – Bourbon- “A Night in Kentucky”

September 28.2013 – Gin- “Juniper and Jazz”

October 26.2013 – Rum- “The Pirates of Downtown”

November 23.2013 – Scotch- “Scotch, I love Scotch

December 14.2013 – Tequila- “Appreciating Agave”

January 18.2014 – Vodka- “Exploring Infusions”


In addition to being greeted with a cocktail and delicious appetizers as you arrive, Matt will take you through the history of the featured alcohol, you’ll have a hands on tutorial, speak about which foods pair well with it and enjoy a third cocktail mixed by Matt during a question and answer period.



You’ll leave with the recipes for the three cocktails you enjoyed, as well as a special gift to enhance your bar at home.

#LiquidLab is great for a group of friends, a couple who like to host together or just an individual with interest in the most potent of potables. $80 includes everything for the evening right down to taxes and gratuities. Book by contacting Bymark directly at

[Photos by Paul Aihoshi]