McEwan’s Summer Foodie Basket

BBQ Foodie Basket_3

Our customers inspire us to create foodie baskets that make the perfect hostess gift.  The items in this basket have been selected to compliment a number of your favourite cuts like whole fish or beef tenderloin.  They are also available individually and can be purchased from our gourmet grocery store, McEwan.

  1. McEwan’s Own BBQ Steak Rub
  2. World of Foods Tumeric Lemongrass Marinade & Stir-Fry
  3. McEwan’s Own Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. McEwan’s Own Chilpotle Sauce
  5. Blue Elephant Thai Jasmine Rice
  6. McEwan’s Own Mco Corn Relish
  7. McEwan’s Own Curry Coconut Sauce
Contact McEwan to order your basket today.  Custom baskets are available upon request.
Add a beautiful flower arrangement from McEwan Floral.