McEwan’s 2014 Foodie Forecast Calls For Flavour & Good Health

The New Year has always symbolized exciting beginnings, new discoveries and innovative trends. And with dieting being the number one New Year’s Resolution every year, it’s no wonder these trends so often revolve around food. Last year was the year of Greek yogurt, tacos, the Paleo diet, outrageous food hybrids (like the infamous Cronut burger), Bourbon cocktails, and Sriracha.  With such an eclectic group of foods there, it seems like a shot in the dark at what we’ll be eating in 2014.

aronia berry

The Aronia berry packs more antioxidants than Acai or Goji

Obviously, it takes a careful eye and an attentive ear to anticipate and stay on top of food trends, never mind to figure out where you can source these new foods! Thankfully, the folks at McEwan have done the work for you to make sure their Don Mills grocery store is your one-stop-shop.


Every day, McEwan’s General Manager George Bachoumis scours through social media threads, food television shows, magazines in search of clues. They also take their customer’s requests incredibly seriously – “If there is a hole in our offer, or if we have missed something, they will let us know!” says owner and celebrity chef, Mark McEwan.

Both Mark and George have seen food trends come and go in the media, so they’ve developed a knack for distinguishing what consumers can actually sink their teeth into. Their predictions for 2014? Healthy foods that do just as much good for your palate as they do for your body.

As a chef and health enthusiast himself, Mark noted that, “No matter how healthy something is, if it does not taste good, it will not last. Treating your body right is no longer just a New Year’s Resolution that only lasts for a month.”

Gluten Free Almond Brownies

Gluten free almond brownies are sure to please both the sweet tooth and the health conscious.
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Thankfully, George has been sourcing a number of new nutritious products to hit the shelves this year- and every one of them has had to pass his rigorous taste test.  Look out for products with the Aronia berry (a sought after “superfood” with more antioxidants than Acai or Goji!), gluten free almond or coconut flour, “ancient” whole grains, prepared raw meals, and house-made green juice blends (with cheeky names like the Hulk!)

green juice

House-made juice blends are taking the food community by storm.
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So whether you’re looking for that new gluten-free bread you saw on Dr. Oz, or want to try a new juicing regime your friend posted on Twitter, McEwan has it sourced, taste tested, and ready for you to take home.  Come see what the New Year buzz is about with a visit to McEwan.




Bymark #LiquidLab Series


Nothing sets the tone for a successful dinner party like a signature cocktail when your guests arrive. But to get creative with your liquor cabinet, you’ve first got to get the basics of mixology down; and where better to learn than at one of Toronto’s most famous after-work drinking spots?

Bymark’s #LiquidLab is a series of evenings hosted by Matt Bryan, bartender extraordinaire hand-picked by Mark McEwan to keep Bay Street’s collective glass full. Matt is one part of a partnership duo that create the cocktail list for all the restaurants in The McEwan Group, catering to the trends and traditions of classic and contemporary cocktails.


Starting with a different bottle each time, you’ll learn what makes a particular libation special, what flavours go best with it and how to think beyond the basics.


The once a month series includes evenings dedicated to:

July 13.2013 – Bourbon- “A Night in Kentucky”

September 28.2013 – Gin- “Juniper and Jazz”

October 26.2013 – Rum- “The Pirates of Downtown”

November 23.2013 – Scotch- “Scotch, I love Scotch

December 14.2013 – Tequila- “Appreciating Agave”

January 18.2014 – Vodka- “Exploring Infusions”


In addition to being greeted with a cocktail and delicious appetizers as you arrive, Matt will take you through the history of the featured alcohol, you’ll have a hands on tutorial, speak about which foods pair well with it and enjoy a third cocktail mixed by Matt during a question and answer period.



You’ll leave with the recipes for the three cocktails you enjoyed, as well as a special gift to enhance your bar at home.

#LiquidLab is great for a group of friends, a couple who like to host together or just an individual with interest in the most potent of potables. $80 includes everything for the evening right down to taxes and gratuities. Book by contacting Bymark directly at

[Photos by Paul Aihoshi]