Toronto’s Queen of Chocolate

For us, Easter means the unbridled celebration of chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but the luxury handmade kind. The kind you can’t just buy anywhere. The kind only an artist can make.

Chocolate Artist Laura Slack discovered her calling for baking (and bringing joy in general) when she was asked to make a wedding cake for her sister. Her hobby quickly turned into a passion, and she went on to train intensively at some of the world’s most prestigious pastry arts schools. An early background in science had her inspired by the meticulous challenge of being a chocolatier.

We got a sneak peak at her holiday specials and felt our eyes getting fat. For those late-night long-weekend snacks (you know, the ones you sneak when no one’s looking), there’s the Chaucer’s Heart – possibly the most ridiculously amazing piece of chocolate you’ll ever put in your mouth.

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With a mastery of truffles, Laura made her name with her signature ‘Lion’s Paw’ (liquid salted caramel wrapped in dark chocolate). This little piece of heaven has a soft spot in her heart, not just because it propelled her business, but because the lion symbolizes her dream of creating a regal chocolate experience above all others (plus she and her husband are both Leos).

Boy BunnyFor Laura, the reward of creating luxury chocolate is getting to be part of a special moment in someone’s life. A romantic gesture; a thank you to a client; an extra special treat on Easter morning. People will often reach out to Laura to say thank you after tasting her chocolate; it’s that good.

If you’re looking to make this holiday a little more special, Laura’s got a family of Easter bunnies and a collection of hand-painted eggs unlike anything you’ll find in the regular chocolate aisle. She’s also introducing a ton of new truffle flavours including Bacon Caramel, and an entire line infused with Sloane Tea that will be ready for Mother’s Day.

Laura Slack luxury chocolates are now available at McEwan (once we got a taste, we had to have her). Come by our shop and taste for yourself. But remember – once you go Slack, you never go back. Just try her caramelized chocolate-covered almonds and you’ll know why.