Refresh Your Eating Routine with McEwan’s NEW Summer Foods

Summer is here, and that means we’re busting out the grill, throwing more veggies on our plates, and finding tasty ways to keep hydrated in the heat. Summertime at McEwan also means exciting new foods to taste and explore, as General Manager, George Bachoumis has spent all spring sourcing the top hot items to refresh your eating routine this season. Check out a few new exciting products you can find on your next visit.

Bahama Mama

Freshly squeezed by the McEwan chefs themselves, this nutrient-dense juice packs both veggies and fruit with a combo of orange, celery, spinach, parsley and pineapple. A perfect sweet and tangy drink to start the day off right, or fabulous when mixed with a little tequila for a tropical party drink.

Joia All Natural Sodas


With creative flavours like Pineapple Coconut & Nutmeg, Lime Hibiscus and Clove, and Blackberry, Pomegranate and Ginger, these all-natural sodas are a crowd-pleasing summer sipper for your next BBQ or get together. Try them alone or mix them with vodka for a sweet and cheeky cocktail.

Q-Cumber Beverage


A super refreshing and unique alternative to basic water, Q-Cumber combines the clean taste of cucumber with sparkling spring water. Satisfying and thirst-quenching on its own, but it’s also irresistible with a little Gin or Pimms stirred in as an adult treat.

McEwan’s Macaroni Salad with Apples, Basil, Celery, Parsley and Lemon

No time to prep those sides for the family BBQ? McEwan’s got you covered with this unique and flavourful take on the classic picnic staple.



Start off an al fresco meal with this chilled nutrient-packed soup topped off with a dollop of Greek yogurt, and you’ll have no guilt saying yes to dessert.

Wanda’s Pie in the Sky Mango Cheesecake

Local pie-queen Wanda can make a mean cheesecake too! Her Mango Chiffon cheesecake is lusciously smooth and crowned with a generous layer of tangy fruit puree, making it the perfect sweet treat for a summer feast!

Ninette’s Ice Cream


Ninette’s ice cream features all natural ingredients with unique flavour combinations that will satisfy the kids in us all. This Summer cool down with a scoop of the Basil Lemon flavour for only 110 calories per serving!

Looking to refresh your eating routine in time for the gorgeous summer weather? McEwan always keeps your family excited with new and innovative wholesome foods, and this seasonal spread is something you’ll not want to miss.




Freshness, Taste and Nutrition – McEwan Celebrates Eating Local in 2014

Last month here on The McEwan Group blog we explored some of celebrity chef, Mark McEwan, and McEwan’s General Manager, George Bachoumis’ top predictions for this year’s hottest food trends.  The consensus? Us Canadians care about the quality of ingredients we’re putting into ours bodies, and McEwan wants to make sure we only eat the best. One of the most popular health-driven movements we’re seeing for 2014 is an emphasis on locally sourced meats and fish.


Local products have long been known to have health benefits, largely associated with the reduced time between harvest and eating- the fresher the food, the more nutrients and flavour it retains! But it’s not only about micronutrients, as George points out.

Customers are also concerned about where their food comes from, how it was raised and how it was prepared.

This type of information is much easier to obtain from smaller operations that are locally grown than from massive corporate organizations with countless international plants, allowing you to feel much more at ease with a familiar local supplier.


The McEwan process for buying local acknowledges that as a result of variable landscape and terroir, the different Canadian provinces and regions have their own specialty in what they farm and produce best. Mark describes this as the “best in show” approach to sourcing the products on his shelves. Rather than buying all from only one Canadian region, McEwan finds the crème de la crème across our delicious country. For example, Mark sees Prince Edward Island as an absolute gem for fantastic seafood- “the saltiness of the air and the natural programs make their products pristine which is why I am happy to serve them to my clients.”


And while it may be easier to buy from just a handful of massive production facilities, the McEwan team know the value of seeking out the very best. So every day George meets with local sales representatives, and visits Toronto’s food terminal to hand-pick the freshest products. Him and his team also attend a variety of food shows throughout the year to network with passionate suppliers, farmers and food entrepreneurs.

To George, Mark and the rest of the McEwan family, buying and selling local is a no brainer, especially because it’s what you, the customer want. As George says, “Supporting local creates a relationship between the producer, us, and the customer”, and that’s what McEwan is all about.




McEwan’s 2014 Foodie Forecast Calls For Flavour & Good Health

The New Year has always symbolized exciting beginnings, new discoveries and innovative trends. And with dieting being the number one New Year’s Resolution every year, it’s no wonder these trends so often revolve around food. Last year was the year of Greek yogurt, tacos, the Paleo diet, outrageous food hybrids (like the infamous Cronut burger), Bourbon cocktails, and Sriracha.  With such an eclectic group of foods there, it seems like a shot in the dark at what we’ll be eating in 2014.

aronia berry

The Aronia berry packs more antioxidants than Acai or Goji

Obviously, it takes a careful eye and an attentive ear to anticipate and stay on top of food trends, never mind to figure out where you can source these new foods! Thankfully, the folks at McEwan have done the work for you to make sure their Don Mills grocery store is your one-stop-shop.


Every day, McEwan’s General Manager George Bachoumis scours through social media threads, food television shows, magazines in search of clues. They also take their customer’s requests incredibly seriously – “If there is a hole in our offer, or if we have missed something, they will let us know!” says owner and celebrity chef, Mark McEwan.

Both Mark and George have seen food trends come and go in the media, so they’ve developed a knack for distinguishing what consumers can actually sink their teeth into. Their predictions for 2014? Healthy foods that do just as much good for your palate as they do for your body.

As a chef and health enthusiast himself, Mark noted that, “No matter how healthy something is, if it does not taste good, it will not last. Treating your body right is no longer just a New Year’s Resolution that only lasts for a month.”

Gluten Free Almond Brownies

Gluten free almond brownies are sure to please both the sweet tooth and the health conscious.
Image source:

Thankfully, George has been sourcing a number of new nutritious products to hit the shelves this year- and every one of them has had to pass his rigorous taste test.  Look out for products with the Aronia berry (a sought after “superfood” with more antioxidants than Acai or Goji!), gluten free almond or coconut flour, “ancient” whole grains, prepared raw meals, and house-made green juice blends (with cheeky names like the Hulk!)

green juice

House-made juice blends are taking the food community by storm.
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So whether you’re looking for that new gluten-free bread you saw on Dr. Oz, or want to try a new juicing regime your friend posted on Twitter, McEwan has it sourced, taste tested, and ready for you to take home.  Come see what the New Year buzz is about with a visit to McEwan.




George Bachoumis: Hand-picked for McEwan Grocery


When Mark set out to elevate the grocery shopping experience, a close friend recommended George Bachoumis to manage the operation. It didn’t take long for Mark to make it official.

“As soon as I met with George I knew he was a perfect fit for the position. He’s evolved the store into a well oiled machine.”  Mark McEwan

25 Years of Prep

George got his start in the grocery business when specialty stores were just starting to trend. He knew that’s where he wanted to be, and so intentionally worked for a number of stores to learn how each one approached things. Over time, he developed his own style and we love where he’s netted out.

Curious George

George said that finding unique products with great stories is the best part of his job. That’s why everyone who wants shelf space is asked the same question: what makes you different?

It’s also why some of his favourite customers are travellers looking for that something they tried on the road, and hosts looking for that something to wow their guests with. These are people who make their own stories, and George is only too happy to be a part of them. When you work with Mark McEwan, you learn a thing or two about creating stories with food.

George, Mark and Eric

[Left to right] George Bachoumis, Mark McEwan and Eric McEwan

The Corner of Up and Downtown

While being at the Shops At Don Mills makes it easy for people from both ends of the city to visit, the McEwan Grocery still very much a destination. It’s a commitment to come here and George likes it like that.

“People are more likely to be more adventurous once they’re here” he says.  That’s how stories get written.

Supporting Local Eats at McEwan’s Farmers Market


If you’re a regular farmers market shopper, you know how exciting it can be to stumble upon unique entrepreneurs and their products, while supporting our local food economy.  But wouldn’t it be nice to experience the discovery of exploring a grassroots local market while in the comfort of your favourite luxury grocery store?


Well, at McEwan’s Farmers Market you absolutely can! Each week, Eric McEwan, son to Chef Mark McEwan, searches the local food scene using popular social media apps like Instagram to uncover unique, innovative and healthy local food products. 

By Saturday, these products and the passionate people behind them, get to set up in the store to sample and sell their delicious wares to you! The most popular products get a permanent place on store shelves. 


General Manager, George Bachoumis described the process to me, stating “We believe in giving everyone a chance. It’s a great entertaining atmosphere in the store and our customers love the experience of showing their support to local producers.” 

It’s also your chance to work with the staff at McEwan to get your say on what’s sold in store, and as a result, what goes into your family’s mouths. The market is just one more way that McEwan demonstrates their commitment to putting its customers first.

So if you want to support local business, have your say on the next hot inductee into the McEwan’s store, and of course, load up on tasty food samples (because who doesn’t like free snacks?), then be sure to stop by the McEwan Farmers Market for your local food fix!